Mac clone company Psystar back online

Chicago (IL) – Psystar, currently under legal fire by Apple and bankruptcy proceedings, is selling computers again, including a not so cheap Core i7 enthusiast system.

We almost thought that Psystar would face almost certain bankruptcy, with outstanding credit card processing and UPS shipping fees mounting, but it seems that the company got another life line and is now back in business. The company resumed selling Mac clones recently and there is one new system that breaks out of the common perception of cheap Psystar computers.

The Open (7) system comes with an Intel Core i7 processor and costs at least $1500 and more than $4600 if you choose Intel’s Extreme processor, the maximum amount of memory (12 GB), three hard drives, and upgraded graphics card and a Blu-ray burner. On the other end, the Open (3) remains available for as little as $600 with a Core 2 Duo CPU, 2 GB memory and a single 500 GB hard drive.
Psystar currently offers eight different systems, from the entry-level desktop to capable servers that can carry tow quad-core CPUs, up to eight hard drives and 96 GB of memory.