LucidLogix clinches additional funding for multi-GPU gaming

LucidLogix has received an additional $8 million in VC funding to advance multi-GPU gaming with its Hydra 200 parallel processor.

The second generation SoC works with any GPU, CPU or chipset to provide scalable 3D graphics performance in a multi-GPU computing environment.

According to Lucid representative Kimberly Stowe, the funds will be used to accelerate the market penetration of various products and advance the R&D of current and future technologies.

“For example, today’s MSI Fuzion motherboard supports two GPUs. However, a driver update (version 1.5) scheduled for the end of March will allow the motherboard to support three. We have an ongoing roadmap to provide driver support for additional GPUs, so expect support for four by the end of the year,” Stowe told TG Daily.

“In addition, Lucid DX11 drivers are expected to arrive in driver version 1.5 end of March and will mean that DX11 games can take advantage of the performance enhancement provided by HYDRA multi-GPU processing.”

Stowe also commented on the recent debut of MSI’s AMD-powered Hydra SoC motherboard, which is expected to target a mid-range, mainstream price point. 

“MSI at recent global trade events demonstrated an AMD based motherboard with the Hydra brand as well an Intel based motherboard for the mainstream market. Both are expected to reach the mid-range price point, taking Hydra to a mainstream platform and beyond just the high performance gaming PC.

“This is significant for Hydra, because the technology allows multiple GPUs to work together for enhanced performance and more flexibility and ease of upgrade and these features are appealing to most PC users.”

Finally, Stowe updated TG Daily about the lucrative relationship between Lucid and Elsa Japan – a company which uses the Hydra 100 (located on the Lucid Adventure platform) in its remote PCI Express PC Graphics Solution for GPGPU processing.

“Elsa will be updating its product with HYDRA 200 in the Lucid Adventure 2000 platform to be used in different Hot Plug configurations for use in the HPC, Storage and Digital Signage Markets. You can expect it to be on the market as early as next quarter.”