Low-energy LEDs make debut

NEW YORK – Renaissance Lighting has developed a range of low-energy LED lights that are much brighter and more efficient than ever before.

Its new, all white solid-state LED downlight fixtures have two and a half times more lumens per watt (efficacy) than previous generations, and are available in a downlight format.

The white downlights are available in a full range of white light color temperatures (2700K – 4100K) and use Constructive Occlusion technology, which gives a highly efficient light with uniform, glare-free and bright light output.

The company hopes the new models will be the ones to make solid-state LED lighting, with its low environmental impact, really take off. “In less than a year Renaissance Lighting’s products have made significant gains in breadth, value, price, efficiency, output and overall performance – elements that remain critical to the lighting industry’s inflection point and mainstream acceptance of solid-state LED lighting,” said Renaissance Lighting CEO, Barry Weinbaum. 

The US government is pushing for greater energy efficiency, and is firmly on the company’s side. Earlier this month, the General Services Administration (GSA) awarded Renaissance a contract and placed the company on the GSA Schedule for five years, meaning that it is in prime position to win government contracts.