Love your PC: Buy dust filters

Los Angeles (CA) – DustX Computer Dust Solutions thinks it has just what the doctor ordered for your computer: Peel-and-stick dust filters, designed to clean the air before it enters your baby, preventing downtime or repairs.

According to Yosi Salman, president and owner of the company, “Accumulating dust wreaks havoc on computers’ internal components and is the primary cause of hardware failure, particularly CPUs.” Support technicians everywhere refuse to blame dust and will continue to find actual users the real source of computer failure, and will gladly pay any sum for anything that filters out idiots.

Seriously, most computers have no built-in dust filters, and they all need to take in air, and they all, invariably, get dusty. We won’t argue with that. How bad does it get? Quite bad, according to Salman.

“Dust clogs the motherboard, heat sinks, circuits and fans. It traps heat and compromises the cooling process, slows computer performance by 20 to 30% and makes computers susceptible to shutdowns that can result in the loss of important data,” said Salman. “If nothing is done, the computer’s lifespan will ultimately decrease.”

A DustX filter package consists of three square filters measuring six by six inches. The company claims that the filters last three to six months, and you’ll be able to tell when to change them by judging how icky they’ve become from all that dust they’re trapping.

And, what’s the price for all this computer love you’re showing, other than a less asthmatic CPU? A three-pack will cost you $7.95 for a limited time, a discount on the regular price of $10, but, joy of joys, you can purchase three of the packages for a discount price of $20.95 or five packages for $32.95.