LCD panels to incorporate solar cells

Taipei, Taiwan – Integrated Digital Technologies is to debut LCD panels with embedded solar cells at Computex next week.

The company plans to start mass production of the panels before the end of the year, citing the growing popularity of interactive screens, or iScreens.

IDT reckons it could ship up to five million iScreens next year, equating to a global market share of 20 percent, Director of the company’s display division, Naejye Hwang, told the Taipei Times:

“Unlike other touch screen panels that have extra film or glass with photo sensors on top of the regular LCD panel, Integrated Digital embeds solar cells in the TFT array layer during the panel-making process, thereby reducing the weight and thickness of the final product.”

This can save up to 30 per cent of manufacturing costs because it reduces the need for additional film or glass components as well as additional labor, claims the company.

iScreens use less power and have an extended lifetime, adds IDT.