Laser for sale that can blind orbiting satellites

It’s a bit of a push as claims go: most satelites orbit at a distance of about 200 miles, compared with the 85-mile range of the S3 Krypton Series. Nevertheless, it’s a bit more powerful than your average laser pointer.

It comes in 300mW, 500mW and 1000mW versions, with a price starting at $299.95 and rising to $1,000. The top-end version operates at 86 million Lux, shining over 8,000 times more brightly than the sun – and leading the company to suggest that safety goggle are a must. Well, yes, that makes sense.

Wicked Lasers says the device is currently under consideration by Guinness World Records as the world’s brightest ever laser.

“This laser’s brightness is potentially hazardous to pilots’ vision and satellite sensors,” warns the company.

“Never point it at an aircraft or a satellite. The S3 Krypton is too powerful to be used as a laser pointer or a gunsight. Never point it at another person, an animal or a vehicle.”

It doesn’t suggest what you should do with it instead.

It comes with all sorts of safety features, ensuring that it can only be operated by the owner – and we’re sure that nobody dodgy would ever dream of buying one.

Last summer, the company launched a 1W portable blue laser, widely described as a Star wars-type lightsaber. Lucas Films got quite cross.