Laptop or tablet: what is the best choice for а student?

For modern qualitative education, the gadget is no more a luxury but a requirement. Every student wants to find an affordable, durable multi-functional instrument for studying and entertainment.

The most appropriate choices are a laptop or a tablet. Since the last one can be counted as a more portable version of the other, the clear solution is to buy both. But if you’re short on cash or adhere to a minimalist lifestyle, you’re faced with a dilemma. Let’s compare how they can help you accomplish everyday college tasks.


Laptop: If you have excellent typing skills you can easily write down your notes on this gadget or record the speech using a connected microphone. But the battery won’t last until the end of the day and sitting near the power socket isn’t always an option.

Tablet: Recording might be as easy as on the laptop, but typing on a small sensor screen keyboard indeed won’t. It doesn’t need charging longer. However, consider that the cable for it is usually too short for convenience and requires an adapter.


A browser is a vital tool for this task.

Laptop: Most of them show the required level of performance. Cable, 3G or wireless contacts can ensure the uninterrupted network.

Tablet: To perform the best way every visited website should have a mobile version and that’s not as common as needed. 3G or Wi-Fi is the connection alternatives.


To do this task effectively, you need a comfortable place and appropriate ambient lighting.

Laptop: Though the name of this gadget starts with lap- to place it there or on a sofa isn’t comfortable. Some of the models are heavy and can begin heating. You should either sit near the table for hours or buy a particular stand. You can adjust the screen brightness but due to the screen type and size eyes will get tired quickly enough.

Tablet: Whether you want to read at the park or under the blanket, it’s the tool for you. You can also adjust the backlight intensity, but because of a glance screen, it is hard to read under sunny weather.

Writing papers

For this assignment, you need special text formatting software and the Web sources.

Laptop: It allows effectively working and receiving help if needed from the service to buy essay online, for instance.

Tablet: To complete this task correctly on this device is hard. The corresponded software is usually less functional. To simplify the work, you should buy a connectable keyboard.


Laptop: Creating a presentation here is fun. But represent to others, it’s not thus handy. To drag it to the classroom and back won’t be easy. And for the best performance, you’ll need your notes printed.

Tablet: The making process is tedious, but the representation can be cool. If your tutor uses a projector, it will be easy to proceed with your presentation and peek at your remarks using the pad.

Experiments and projects

This task demands advanced simulation and engineering software.

Laptop: If its features match to the program requirements, nothing is holding your back.

Tablet: Such kind of software rarely has a mobile edition. Even if it does, it usually a limited add-on for the full version.

If we were counting points, laptops are in the lead. Take into consideration that some of them can be transformed into the pad alike gadgets and most of you have already a similar tool– a smartphone. But for some courses using a tablet is enough.