Keep on, keep on taking the tablets

Shivering in a UK county that’s only two degrees Celsius colder than the South Pole, I’m beginning to think that on the whole I’d rather be in Las Vegas.

Apart from a couple of things. First of all, I’m not the gambling type and getting from A to B during a busy show in Vegas is something of a gamble. And heat isn’t everything.

Judging by the amount of hot air being spouted at CES 2010 about tablets, the desert resort will rapidly heat up over the weekend.

We’ve heard it all before. In fact, in 1993, Microsoft announced the beginning of pen computing using a so-called handwriting recognition algorithm which in those days at least didn’t work at all well.

Fujitsu actually made a far better shake of pen computing and touch screens but their effort expired in the early 2000s – something of a shame.

And now here we go all over again. Tablets are the dominant theme of CES 2010 with a whole raft of vendors pushing the concept like there’s no tomorrow, and bundling in e-readers as well.

Yeah, but it’s still bleeding edge technology. Until the vendors get their act together and the technology is there – and that can’t be far off – we consumers are the guinea pigs that are expected to dole out our dollars to disprove their visions and concepts.

I’ve been hoping for several years that we’ll have a thing wirelessly enabled that looks like paper, feels like paper and flips as fast as paper.

We’re not there yet. Are we?