Israeli startup announces first in-car Internet system

When I started driving, the only cool car add-on I had was the standard car radio. Well, the digital driving experience has certainly come a long way with satellite radio, GPS navigation, built-in entertainment and now, the first Internet and entertainment system designed specificially for cars.

The Comodo Console, developed by Israeli startup Iway Mobile in a partnership with Cellcom, is the first in-car touchscreen device to offer drivers with always-connected Internet. 

“There is one world that hasn’t yet been captured by the Internet revolution, and that is the automobile,” said Adi Cohen, head of marketing at Cellcom.

The device has a 4.3 inch touchscreen, speakerphone, rear camera that can be viewed on screen for reversing in tight situations, a GPS antenna and a cellular modem with 3D connection.

Although drivers can tap into all of the Internet’s best online radio stations through the device, users cannot send emails or watch movies while the vehicle is moving for safety reasons.

Understandable in theory, the only problem is what happens when passengers want to play with the device on a long road trip?

On the upside, the device has its own three-dimensional navigation system that warns a driver of approaching danger or traffic jams. Teen drivers beware, the device can even alert you when you’re exceeding the speed limit.

The first of its kind, the console will launch in Israel only by February will cost 109 shekels ($23.5) a month for 36 months.

(Via Reuters