iPhone users worry about hurting its feelings

Three-quarters of iPhone users love the thing so much that they actually sleep with it, according to a Stanford University study.

The survey of 200 students also found that nearly 85 percent used the phone as their watch, and 89 percent used it as their alarm clock.

Around 70 percent said they were more likely to forget their wallet than their iPhone when going out, but this is hardly surprising: their wallets are probably pretty empty after buying the thing.

It’s nice to know that the cream of the nation’s youth has a strong sense of priorities, too: 41 percent said that losing their phone would be a ‘tragedy’.

These people may sleep with their phones, but the relationship isn’t just physical. Three percent have named their iPhone, nine percent have patted it, and eight percent have apparently worried that “My iPod is jealous of my iPhone.” 

Most people don’t get boyfriends that considerate.

“One of the most striking things we saw in the interviews was just how identified people were with their iPhone,” Stanford anthropology professor Tanya Luhrmann told the San Jose Mercury News.

“It was not so much with the object itself, but it had so much personal information that it became a kind of extension of the mind and a means to have a social life. It just kind of captured part of their identity.”

There was no comparative element to the study, unfortunately, so we still don’t know whether the iPhone is more addictive than the Crackberry.