iPad wanted for work over play

The iPad will part the waters of the enterprise, and release the pent up frustrations of many, many IT managers. For verily, they will have a device that they won’t be able to fix, open up, or throw at their users. It will just be. Be.

Sybase, which has a thing for the enterprise and mobile software, took a survey on mobile device usage, finding that the number one reason U.S. consumers would use a tablet device such as the Apple iPad i

s for work. Many people thought it could double as a coffee cup coaster, but then it became clear to all non-Apple lovers that no one in their right mind would spend that much money on a first version of a product that is untried.

But seriously folks, the iPad does get us all yakking incessantly about it, and Sybase didn’t want to lose out on all that free PR, and it’s always a good thing to scare the crap out of IT managers. So, the study shows that while entertainment might drive consumers to choose an iPad over a smartphone, work-related activities unexpectedly ranked at the top:

Of course, on the downside, there isn’t a whole heck of a lot of enterprise application access to apps. In fact, according to the survey, access to both personal and work information continues to be lacking for most people. Almost two-thirds of respondents estimated they have access to less than 10% of their personal data and work data (59.8% and 69.4% r

espectively). Access to work applications is also lacking, with almost three-quarters of respondents claiming they have access to less than 10% of the applications they need to do their jobs (72.3%). 67.6% of respondents with smartphones felt that if they could access twice the amount of information and applications they do today, it would benefit their productivity.

Yes, we have an iPhone. Yes, we will buy an iPad. Yes, we are sheeple. In our defense, we still haven’t seen Avatar, and still can’t figure out why any stripper would sleep with a golfer. A golfer for chrissake!

They dress so badly.