Intel takes on AMD at the cheap end

Everyone’s favorite underdog, AMD, had better look to its laurels next year as Intel goes for the jugular with a bunch of cut-down, low cost desktop chips.

AMD’s traditional playground, the value sector, will see Core i3 chips appearing with the ‘turbo’ overclocking mode of the i5 and i7 parts disabled, according to detailed roadmaps leaked on a Japanese site.

Low-power ‘S’ versions of the 32nm quad core i5-750 and i7-860 will run at 2.4GHz and 2.53GHz respectively, using 82W of power. They’ll both feature 8MB of L2 cache. According to the roadmap, the i5 will increase to 3.2GHz and the i7 chips to 3.46GHz.

Core i3 will arrive in both 2.93GHz and 3.06GHz versions with 3MB of L2 cache.

The first dual-core Core i5 will debut at 3.46GHz, ramping to 3.73GHz, while the Core i5-660 comes in at 3.33GHz, rising to 3.6GHz. The i5-650 starts at 3.2GHz, rising to 3.46GHz. All have 4MB of L2 and use 73W.

At the high-end, the i9 Gulftown chips are set for a launch next Spring, according to the leaked document.

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