Intel takes its time on Moorestown launch

Sources not very far from Intel’s plans have given an indication where Intel is on its mobile/internet roadmap.

Of course, Intel was set to roll out a heap of microprocessors at CES but decided that it would tell the world all about them before the Yule festivities began.

It released details on so many chips that we’ve got the equivalent of snow blindness, and we presume the Celeron P4500 Arrandale and the Atom N470 Pineview M are still on target for an early April rollout.

Did Intel already announce its mobile HM57, HM55, QM57 and Q557 Express chipsets yet? They’re more colorfully known as Ibex Peak-M and Calpella. It’s hard to keep up.

Moorestown is still pretty much delayed – we won’t see that until the second quarter of 2010 – it’s a “strategic Internet” product.

Moorestown, you will remember, reduces the idle power by up to 50 times and the board size will be halved for its Menlow platform. It also throws in the Lincroft system on a chip and has Langwell, an IO platform controller hub connecting to all sorts of stuff including wireless, cameras and board level functions.

Intel’s PR in charge of Moorestown refused to comment on industry rumors.