Intel roadmap details sneak out under the radar

Santa Clara (CA) – More details on future chip plans have slipped through Intel’s famously-tight grasp.

In early August, the Xeon W5590, W3580, W3550 and L5530 CPUs for servers are due to appear, followed by the Xeon X3470, 3460, 3450, 3440 and 3430. Lynnfield desktop CPUs and the 3400 and 3420 P55 chipsets are to follow in early September, according to documents that have found their way to Digitimes.

The slowest Lynnfield, clocked at 2.66GHz, won’t support Hyper-Threading, but the other two, rated at 2.8GHz and 2.93GHz, will. The new chips will be priced below the current range of Nehalem-based Core i7 CPUs, with prices starting at $196, $284 and $562 respectively.

Three Clarksfield notebook CPUs – the Core 2 Extreme XE 2GHz, Core 2 Quad P2 1.73GHz and Core 2 Quad P1 1.6GHz – will be ready to launch towards the end of September, along with the Celeron SU2300 and Celeron 743 aimed at ultra-thin notebooks.

Intel traditionally refuses to comment on unannounced products.