Intel preps Cloverview for Windows 8 deployment

Microsoft’s RISC-friendly version (or versions) of Windows 8 may have shattered the traditional WinTel paradigm, but Intel is preparing to meet its ARM rival in battle nonetheless.

As Joanna Stern of ThisIsMyNext reports, Intel’s Cloverview platform and Clover Trail processor are specifically designed to power Redmond’s “tile-adorned” Windows 8.

Indeed, according to senior Intel exec Bill Kircos, Cloverview will offer a “nice one-two chip-software punch,” and run on a “slew” of tablets, netbooks and slider devices.

Kircos also noted the next-gen silicon platform would boast reduced power consumption along with longer battery life.

Both are obviously key in helping Intel defend its Windows perimeter, a lucrative space which has been controlled by Santa Clara for years and is now being threatened by a new generation of ARM chips.

As such, Intel remains intent on working closely with Redmond to optimize its upcoming Atom SoCs for Microsoft’s long-awaited Windows 8.

“We look forward to collaborating with Microsoft, to help deliver new experiences across a variety of consumer devices,” Intel rep Suzy Ramirez told TG Daily.

“[This] includes focusing on the critical work necessary to support the upcoming ‘Cedar Trail’ introduction later this year, and our future ‘Clover Trail’ + Windows product.”