Intel posts Xeon 5500 pricing, adds new mobile CPUs

Santa Clara (CA) – Intel has updated its price list for its processors, which now contains all new Xeon 5500 “Nehalem-EP” processors as well as five new mobile Core 2 Duos with 45 nm Penryn core.

One day after their formal launch of the Xeon 5500 (and more than four weeks after Apple’s decision to introduce the CPU), the new processors have made it into Intel’s public price list. Previously called Nehalem-EP, the twelve different have tray prices between $188 and $1600 and are about 5 to 35% more expensive than a 5400/5300/5200-series processor with similar clock speed.

On the low-end, the 1.86 GHz Nehalem-EP chip sells for $186, while the 1.86 GHz 5205 is listed for $177. On the high-end, a 2.93 GHz X5570 has a tray price of $1386 and the E5472 for $1022. The W5580 is the most expensive Xeon DP processor at this time ($1600), topping the previous flagship X5492, which sells for $1492.

There are also five new Core 2 Duo mobile processors: The SP9600 (25 watts, 2.53 GHz) lists for $316, the SL9600 (17 watts, 2.13 GHz) for $316, the SU9600 (10 watts, 1.60 GHz) for $289, the SU3500 (5.3 watts, 1.40 GHz) for $262 and the ICP900 (Celeron model, 2.20 GHz, 35 watts) for $70.