Intel phases out some 65 nm and 45 nm Xeon 3000 processors

Santa Clara (CA) – Intel is making room for its Nehalem core-based CPUs and told its customers that it has begun phasing 65 nm Xeon processors with Conroe core as well as a higher-end version of its 45 nm chips with Wolfdale core.

According to a product change notification (PCN), Intel is removing the Xeon 3085, 3075, 3065 from its product portfolio and plans on shipping the final processors in January of 2010. Final orders can be submitted until October 9, 2009. Also included in this PCN are the X3350 and X3320 versions. The 65 nm X3320 has 6 MB cache and a TDP of 105 watts while the X3350 is a 45 nm model based on the Wolfdale core with 12 MB cache and a TDP of 95 watts.

Last week, Intel introduced its first Xeon processors based on the Nehalem core. The 3000 series received three models, the W3570, W3540 and W3520. All three processors are rated at a 130 watt TDP.