Intel introduces low-cost SSD

Intel has introduced a high-performance, solid-state drive (SSD) priced at a fairly reasonable $125.

The 40 GB X25-V Value SATA SSD is apparently targeted at value segment netbooks and dual-drive/boot desktop configurations where it can be used to increase both performance and reliability.

“SSDs replace or coexist with traditional hard disk drives (HDDs). With no movable parts or spinning platters, SSDs are more reliable and higher performing than HDDs. This makes users more productive as they experience faster overall system responsiveness,” Intel explained in an official statement.

“With the affordable price point, [users] can now enjoy the benefits of an SSD by adding an SSD option to their current desktop PC in a dual-drive or ‘boot drive’ set up. In a dual-drive configuration, the Intel X25-V SSD is added to a desktop with an existing HDD. The SSD is loaded with the operating system and favorite applications to take advantage of the speedy performance which is nearly 4x faster than a 7200RPM HDD.”

Indeed, with 40GB of boot drive capacity, a user could load the SSD with Microsoft Windows 7 and Office applications – which would provide up to 43 percent faster overall system performance and an 86 percent improvement for games.

In addition, the SSD significantly optimizes operations such as system start up, application launches and quick standby resumes.