Intel eyes lucrative tablet market

Computex 2010 – Intel has announced “ambitious” plans to increase its share in the ARM-dominated tablet market with an Atom-based SoC platform codenamed “Oak Trail.”

According to Intel VP Mooly Eden, the new platform – which is optimized for “sleek” tablet and netbook designs – offers up to a 50 percent reduction in average power consumption compared to previous iterations of the Atom procesor.

In addition, Oak Trail supports full HD-video (1080p), along with a number of operating systems, including MeeGo, Microsoft Windows 7 and Google Android.

Intel also showcased the “world’s thinnest” netbook running on an upcoming platform codenamed “Canoe Lake.”

“At just 14mm, the razor-thin codenamed ‘Canoe Lake’ platform [with a single or dual-core Atom processor] runs cooler and is 50 percent thinner than any other netbook consumers can find on the market today,” claimed Intel executive VP David (Dadi) Perlmutter.