Intel details Tunnel Creek SoC at IDF Beijing

Intel has detailed its next-gen Atom-based SoC. The chip – codenamed “Tunnel Creek” – is being prepped for deployment in vehicle-infotainment and IP media phones.

“[Tunnel Creek] will use a standard interconnect to the processor. The highly integrated SoC combines an Intel Atom processor core, the memory controller hub, graphics engine and video engine into one chip,” explained Intel corporate VP Doug Davis.

“The chip will also enable companies to connect their own custom-built silicon to the Intel chip as long as it is a PCI Express compliant. The flexibility in this highly integrated one-chip solution helps reduce bill of materials and saves on board real estate for embedded applications.”

Davis also highlighted Intel’s ongoing collaboration with HawTai, a major Chinese car manufacturer. 

Indeed, HawTai confirmed that its new B11 luxury sedan will incorporate the Intel Atom processor and open-source MeeGo software platform in its in-vehicle-infotainment systems.

“With an infotainment solution that utilizes the Intel Atom processor, we are leveraging the well-established and latest Internet technologies, and re-using existing software that has been developed on MeeGo based Linux platform,” said Wang Dian Ming, vice chairman of HawTai Automotive.

“It saves us application development costs, and enables new services to be introduced quickly with high reliability.”