Intel delays Pine Trail-M – report

Big manufacturers of netbooks including Asustek and Acer are to delay the introduction of new models in the second half of this year because Intel is delaying the launch of the Pine Trail-M platform, according to a report.

Taiwanese newspaper Digitimes said that Acer and Asustek will attempt to sell more ultra thin notebooks to make up the shortfall – but Asustek will introduce the T101 Android based netbook after the launch of Microsoft Windows 7, in late October.

The news wire gives no reason why Intel has decided to delay Pine Trail-M until the first quarter of next year, but we suspect it’s more to do with marchitecture than architecture.

Acer had hoped it would be able to introduce a Windows XP/Android dual operating system netbook in August – Digitimes suggests that demand for this type of machine is unlikely to be that great.