iBuypower chills Warrior rig for summer LAN parties

iBuypower is touting a tricked-out, liquid cooled gaming rig for those hot summer LAN parties.

That’s right: BYOB and BYOC.  

Although the LAN Warrior II is 40% smaller than most full tower desktops, it features a 92mm radiator liquid cooling system to keep the rig running at peak performance during even the most intense LAN battles.

“LAN party gamers push their systems to the limits, making liquid cooling a necessity, [especially during the summer months],” iBuyPower VP Darren Su told TG Daily in an e-mailed statement.

“The liquid cooled LAN Warrior II provides gamers with way to keep their system safely overclocked without forcing them to haul around a full sized rig or sacrifice power.”

According to Su, the Warrior can be equipped with up to two ATI Radeon HD 5970 graphics cards and 12GB of DDR3 memory.

In addition, the rig features a top handle as well as multiple cooling options with room for up to 3x 120mm, 1x 200mm and 1x 92mm fans. 

The Warrior II is currently available in socket AM3 (AMD), LGA 1156 (Intel Core i3/i5/i7) and LGA 1366 (Core i7) layouts at a starting price of $750