Human Media Lab showcases bendable mobile gaming displays

The Human Media Lab recently showcased its Cobra bendable projection screen system for mobile gaming at Atlanta’s Computer-Human Interaction conference.

According to Switched, the system comprises a shoulder pouch that houses a mini computer and projector, along with a small screen which is held in the user’s hands.

“The game’s images are displayed on a small screen which looks like a simple sheet of paper, but fitted with flex-sensing wires and other sensors,” explained Switched’s Caleb Johnson.

“So when the gamer bends or shakes the pliable screen, those signals are wirelessly sent to the computer resting on his shoulder. For example, grabbing hold of a corner of the board, bending it back, and releasing it can be used to shoot an arrow, cast a fishing line, or swing a golf club.”

However, Michael Fahey of Kotaku noted that a bendable projection screen system would undoubtedly present certain problems for gamers.

“Having to hold the screen at a constant position, for instance, or the concept of having to wear a shoulder-mount to play,” wrote Fahey.

“Still, this is the sort of innovative design that gets creators of hardware and software thinking. We might never see the Cobra implemented on a massive scale, but it definitely has possibilities.”