HP recalls yet more batteries

Oopsidaisy: HP has realized that it’s been using dodgy batteries in a whole load more notebook PCs, and has issued another recall.

HP recalled over 50,000 lithium-ion notebook batteries last May, following reports of overheating, and presumably thought it had dealt with the problem.


But since then, it’s received another 40 complaints, resulting in seven reports of burn injury, one of smoke inhalation injury and 36 cases of property damage.

Customers are now being advised to check again whether their machine may be affected, even if they’ve already been told it should be fine. Affected machines were sold between July 2007 and July 2008 – meaning that 162,600 batteries could be recalled.

Both HP and Compaq models are affected, and as many as one in twenty machines shipped during this period could have a problem, HP says.

HP says customers should check on its validation site whether their battery might be affected – even if they’ve previously been told it’s fine. They’ll be sent a new battery, but should use their machine with its AC adapter in the meantime instead.

HP doesn’t give much of an explanation as to how this particular bunch of batteries slipped though the net.

“HP continuously monitors the recall program,” it says. “HP conducted further investigations with our suppliers that identified additional battery packs, including certain battery packs used in one additional commercial product model series.  “