HP goes for high performance computing

San Francisco (CA) – Hewlett Packard has introduced an extreme scale-out portfolio aimed at businesses involved in Web 2.0, cloud and high-performance computing. According to HP, the modular ExSO could help clients save more than $152.8 million in reduced capital expenditures and $13.7 million in energy costs.

The ExSo portfolio features the HP ProLiant SL server line, which replaces traditional chassis and rack form factors with a lightweight rail and tray design. This “skinless” architecture allows the server to deliver unrestricted airflow through a shared power and cooling infrastructure in a 2U chassis. The ProLiant also facilitates easy expansion and storage configurations with three swappable compute trays.

“The ExSo ecosystem offers purpose-built architecture for 1,000 plus nodes. This holistic and integrated ecosystem provides extreme capacity and energy efficiency across the lifecycle,” Christine Martino, VP, Scalable Computing, told TG Daily. “With mix and match configurations, ExSo helps customers save on cost and energy – per node, rack and data center.”


Vince Mendillo of Microsoft expressed similar sentiments.

“HP’s new ExSo portfolio directly addresses a number of key challenges faced in today’s mega data centers, such as efficiency in power and cooling, while maximizing performance and density per square foot,” explained Mendillo. “Windows HPC Server 2008 combined with the new scalable line from HP demonstrates our joint commitment of driving new technologies and improv(ing) efficiencies in datacenters.”

Scott Crenshaw, a Red Hat VP, explained that the Proliant line was purpose-built for “extreme” scale.  

“When combined with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise MRG, (ProLiant SL) is designed to deliver the ability to rapidly and reliably provision and deploy thousands of nodes to meet the most extreme demands for scale,” added Crenshaw.