What are the main features of the Best Gun Safes

A gun safe is just like a mobile cover for your precious iPhone. For some, it is just to keep it safe from children or protect it from stealing. Choosing a proper gun safe is very crucial and requires a good investment. A good gun safe is as important as the firearm it will protect. It is very important to weigh the options with us before making a decision to buy it. The best gun safe depends upon various features. The followings are the few features to keep in mind as these will help in selecting a good gun safe:

Size Matters

  • Gun safes are available in many different shapes and sizes. So, if you have just a handgun, then chose a smaller one but planning to build a collection, and then better consider a large floor safe. Most of the companies list their capacity like 4, 8, 24 etc.
  • The type of firearms should be also kept in mind. Collections of handguns will see a decrease in the capacity requirement as compared to long guns. You might consider two different types of safe if you have firearms for different purposes. Like a small drawer of under-the-bed hidden safe for a quick access to handgun and rest of the firearms in a floor safe.Keep in mind that small safes are more prone to robbery as it’s easier to take away without proper anchoring.

A Secure Locking Mechanism

Key locks, mechanical locks, electronic locks, biometric locks, etc. are the various types locking mechanisms that a safe can have.

  • Key locks:

It is the easiest way to access a safe. But the key need to be hidden such that it’s not too easy for others to access but quick enough for you in a situation of the adversary. Since there is a possibility of keys getting lost, keep a spare one too which further increases the risk of thievery. It is the least secure locking mechanism as no prior knowledge is required to operate.

  • Mechanical locks:

These dial locks are operated by putting a combination on the dial. It is very secure as long as you keep the combination within yourself. Since it doesn’t rely on anything electronic, this lock works till the internal parts are okay. But if regularly maintained, then these locks are a very good option.

  • Electronic locks:

This is just an electronic version of mechanical locks where you have a keypad instead of a dial and a code of numbers in place of combinations. It is quicker in accessibility when compared to mechanical ones. But it heavily depends on electricity to operate. It fails rate is also very high when compared to others. Hence, a proper maintenance and regular change of battery are required.

  • Biometric locks:

It basically relies upon your fingerprints only. This makes it one of the most secure alternatives available. There is an option of multiple users also in some gun safes. But like electronic locks, it also requires a proper maintenance and battery change in time to operate efficiently

Hinges and Steel Gauge

  • An interior hinge is more secure and safer compared to the external one. It is harder for the robber to break the safe if its interior but an exterior one is too easy to be compromised. But with proper bolt and locking system, the location of the hinge is not the important. Also, safes with internal hinges are costlier. An exterior hinge provides a wider access as the safe’s door can be opened wider.
  • The presence of steel plate inside the safe keeps the thief from drilling it. The plate can be anywhere between 10-12 gauge. The size of gauge inversely proportional to the thickness of steel. So, prefer a smaller gauge. But yes, if you are planning to keep the safe in the upper floor, then plan it accordingly as a very safe can be disastrous.

Fire Ratings

  • The fire rating states that the safe can withstand X amount of time at Y degree of temperature. On an average, the temperature of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit in a house fire and 30 minutes is considered a safe amount of time for the safe to stand the heat.
  • But if you live faraway from the city, then you might consider wanting to consider more time. But yes, such a gun safe doesn’t come cheap.