The ShadowHawk drone – is it a killbot?

Unmanned aerial drones are becoming a way of life in our American dystopia. We will be seeing ShadowHawk drones in the skies soon enough, and I can’t stop thinking that they resemble killbots.

Yes, killbot is a fairly generic science fiction term to describe large, menacing machines built to commit murder or other damage, but that’s what these new ShadowHawks are for.


How else can you explain the fact the ShadowHawk can be equipped with a XREP taser that is capable of shooting four barbed electrodes? These electrodes can be shot at a distance of up to 100 feet giving “neuromuscular incapacitation” to the victim from above.


It gets more killtastic though.


This baby can also be armed with 37mm or 40mm grenade launchers and or a multiple shot 12 gauge shotgun. Just in case some people on the ground need to be taken out.


The same technology that has been utilized to find and kill insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq for years now has the Department of Homeland Security’s approval for use in the United States. Our tax dollars are funding a killbot revolution it seems.


As of now, the ShadowHawk is not active nationally, but since everything is bigger in Texas, they’re trying to increase the size of their police state too. That’s because has recently received a grant from the Department of Homeland Security for a squadron of ShadowHawks.


If the stars at night are too big and too bright, they may be shot down by a ShadowHawk killbot.


Certainly these things have a lot of uses in law enforcement, but they could also be used on “dissenters” who don’t fall in line.


Well now, instead of having to send a real officer to harass and intimidate someone with a differing opinion than the establishment, a ShadowHawk can be deployed.


Instead of telling you why you are wrong, or how you are in violation of some vague national security ordinance the ShadowHawk can come along and shock you into compliance.


By now you can probably tell that there’s plenty of sarcasm here, but then again we are talking about drone killbots that may someday be used to keep us in line. It’s kind of hard to remain serious when there are going to be flying robots armed to the teeth that will be remote controlled by some chump.


What are the odds that they will start recruiting accomplished gamers to man these things someday soon? I bet you can already envision that scenario right?


Let’s just hope that these things don’t get the capability to network with the Internet or use wireless connections. The last thing we want is for these things to get some glitch that makes them self-aware and angry. Am I right?


I’m sure cops think these things are great because it makes their job easier, but that last thing that law enforcement needs is something that makes them ever further removed from the human faces that they have to police.


I like technology, but I do not like killbot drones with grenade launcher capabilities being funded by the Department of Homeland Security. Call me crazy, but it just doesn’t seem like a good idea.