Samsung has sold 5 million GALAXY S II phones

Samsung is really moving those new GALAXY S II phones. They’ve already sold 5 million of them and they aren’t even for sale in the U.S. yet.

Despite not being available for purchase in one of the most profitable markets for tech, the GALAXY S II has already generated 5 million in global sales.


The GALAXY S II is Samsung’s super thin flagship device. The high-performance device is powered by Android and comes with access to Samsung’s four entertainment portals.


The 5 million in sales mark was achieved in only 85 days. That is a rate of sales that is 40 days faster than it took the original GALAXY S to reach the same sales mark. Samsung expects that rate to increase as they have just recently released the GALAXY S II in China, which is world’s largest market.


“In just a few months the Galaxy S II has led the way in driving Samsung’s unmatched performance in the smartphone industry” said JK Shin, President and Head of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business.

“Since being launched into the retail market in late April, the Galaxy S II has seen tremendous growth. This reflects the strong support from carrier partners globally, who in choosing the Galaxy S II as their flagship device have reaffirmed the device’s status as a premium, market-defining Smartphone,” he said.


The official statements from Samsung have also helped to clarify what the official sales numbers for the GALAXY S II are. Last week Digital Versus reported that 6 million units had been sold in three weeks, but Samsung’s official statements have shown that those figures were most likely inaccurate.


There was also what appeared to be a mistranslation of a Samsung press release that was originally in Korean. The translated press release had said that Samsung had reached the 10 million mark with the GALAXY S II, but it was actually a mistake that was supposed to say that Samsung had reached the halfway to 10 million mark.

Translations can be tricky.

A week ago Shin said that consumers could expect the GALAXY S II to be available in the U.S. sometime in August. Nothing is set in stone until U.S. cellphone carriers come out and confirm this.