Report: Samsung to announce Windows 8 tablet

The flagship entry into the tablet world for Windows 8 may take center stage as early as next week.

According to the publication Korea Economic Daily, Samsung will be present at Microsoft’s annual BUILD conference in Anaheim, California, which runs from September 13 to 16.

The publication contends that Samsung and Microsoft will jointly unveil the world’s first Windows 8 tablet at this event.

It would be noteworthy not only because it would show Microsoft’s push into the tablet arena, but also because there has been no official unveiling of any Windows 8 product to date.

To showcase a tablet as the first Windows 8 device will be instrumental in Microsoft’s efforts to expand beyond its traditional market.

Windows 8 won’t just simply be the OS you start finding on new computers down the road, but it’s also poised to invade tablets, specialized next-gen computing products, and other platforms.

Windows 7 came out in October of 2009, so the timeline would be a little tighter than the gap Windows Vista and Windows 7, which was a little more than two and a half years. But the computer environment is rapidly changing as traditional PC sales are down while tablet interest is exploding (though there is doubt about a direct correlation between those two statistics).

The problem is Windows 7 was not built to be a mobile operating system, so even though there are some tablets toying with the OS, it’s not seen as a competitor in any way to the iPad or Android-powered tablets.

More details are sure to trickle down over the next several months.