Plustek scanner eliminates paper books

Are you a rabid fan of digital books? If you hate touching paper during your reading sessions then Plustek’s book scanner is for you.

If you’re an e-reader elitist like many of us, then you have probably come across a familiar problem. What do you do with all of those stacks of old, out-of-print books that you love?


Because burning them in a barrel isn’t eco-friendly anymore.


They take up space, and you can’t even find digital versions of the classics that are gathering dust. Finally there is a viable solution for tech savvy bookworms.


The Plustek OpticBook 3800 might be the tool you’ve been looking for. It’s a scanner with a flatbed, and it has been specifically designed with book scanning in mind.


Its scanning bed is so thin that you can scan all the way to the spine of a book. There’s also software that eliminates the distortions that are usually created when scanning the pages of a book.


Distorted words and shadowy blobs on a digital page will be a thing of the past.


The OpticBook is also designed to offer an impressive selection of software packages that allow you to fully customize your scanned documents.


There are seven bundled software packages that come with the scanner, and one of them even allows the user to set it to recognize Asian characters from the four most common Asian languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplify Chinese, Japanese and Korean.


It will give you up to 1200 dpi resolution, but most people will probably want to do a fast scan of book pages at 7 seconds per page at 300dpi. Unless you need an insanely detail digital copy of your favorite book for some reason.


It also has only four buttons so won’t have to know a lot about desktop publishing hardware to operate it.


Rejoice e-book fans, now there is finally a way for you to take that dusty old copy of the Necronomicon and update it for the digital age. The old ones would be proud.