Nvidia holds clandestine Fermi briefing

The worst kept secret in Vegas is currently underway in the MGM Grand as Nvidia flew in a select group of hacks just as the rest of us journos jetted off home from the scintillating city of sin.

Only a secret elite group of media were privileged enough to get in on the Fermi fandango, which apparently delved deep into all things architectural.

Our secret sauces, however, didn’t seem to think much of Nvidia’s organizational skills. 

“There is no outline. We were basically told to show up,” the source told TG Daily.

“It was all technical. But no clock speeds, power consumption or benchmarks were being shown…yet at least,” the source confirmed at the time of writing.

“The deep dive is no longer deep,” he added “Now we’re just talking about developer relations and what TWIMTBP works.”

“It is interesting actually,” he conceded.

Interesting indeed. Wonder what else will leak out of todays secret briefing, eh Nvidia?