Lenovo’s LePad joins Android tablet party

The tablet train is now officially rolling. Earlier this week, details came out about HP’s WebOS-based multimedia tablet as well as an Android tablet from Asus, and now Lenovo is joining in the fray.

Lenovo, the fourth-best-selling PC bran in the world, announced today that it is working on a tablet to compete against Apple’s tablet, which will run on Google’s Android operating system.

Lenovo already has a phone, the LePhone, which runs on Android, and it plans to leverage the experience it has with that device in creating the new tablet. The LePhone is only available in China at the moment, but it’s likely this tablet, code-named the LePad, would have a far greater reach.

The versatile Android platform is becoming a popular choice for hardware manufacturers, because it costs nothing to license and there is a very large group of developers who are already actively creating apps for it. Everything from digital TVs to in-car entertainment systems are beginning to incorporate Android.

The company already has a line of Tablet PCs, although the market of iPad-like multimedia tablets is completely different. Traditional Tablet PCs are generally more expensive than regular laptops, whereas the iPad markets itself as being less expensive, though with significantly fewer features.

Image from India-Server.com