Intel touts new age of Core computing

Intel has introduced its 2010 Core family of processors, which include i7, i5 and i3 chips. The company also unveiled several product platform updates, such as Centrino Wi-Fi and WiMAX adapters.

“We are introducing more than 25 new processors. All of the technology here today is based on 32nm, second-generation high K metal gate technology,” explained Sean Maloney.

“We have already shipped over 200 million units which were manufactured via the high k metal process. This second-generation of processors is enabling really cool stuff in terms of reduced power consumption and increased performance. Yes, Moore’s Law is alive and well.”

According to Maloney, Intel has significantly shrunk the transistor by about 100,000 times since the early 4004 processor.

“If we hadn’t shrunk the transistors, processor real estate would be the size of Manhattan and would require 26 nuclear power plants.”

 Maloney added that the 2010 Core processors boast integrated graphics, which provides a “really good performance pop.”

“The Core processors are moving into the gaming segment, and can boost performance (approximately 2X) for FPS titles, Blu-ray videos and 3D applications. The Core i7 and i5 processors also feature Intel Turbo Boost Technology for adaptive performance when needed, while the i3, i5 and i7 enables smart multi-tasking by allowing each processing core to run multiple threads, providing optimized responsiveness and great performance.”