Intel leaks new MacBook Pro specs

Intel has inadvertently confirmed that at least one of Apple’s new MacBook Pros will feature a Core i5 processor.

The i5 system was mentioned in an e-mail sent to members of Intel’s Retail Edge promotional program and subsequently obtained by AppleInsider.

“January Prize Draw: Win a MacBook Pro. Pass this month’s trainings for 2 chances to win one of 2 MacBook Pro laptops with the accelerated response of an Intel Core i5 processor,” read the e-mail.

According to AppleInsider, the promotional program allows retail employees who sell Intel products to access technical knowledge and sales tips. 

The employees can then earn “chips” which are later exchanged for various products.

As TG Daily previously reported, Intel recently unveiled its 2010 Core family of processors, which include i7, i5 and i3 chips.

Intel Executive VP Sean Maloney explained the 2010 Core processor family boasts integrated graphics, which provides a “really good performance pop.”

“The Core processors are moving into the gaming segment and can boost performance (approximately 2X) for FPS titles, Blu-ray videos and 3D applications,” Maloney told reporters during a CES briefing.

“The Core i7 and i5 processors also feature Intel Turbo Boost Technology for adaptive performance when needed, while the i3, i5 and i7 enables smart multi-tasking by allowing each processing core to run multiple threads, providing optimized responsiveness and great performance.”