Did Best Buy just accidentally reveal the iPad 2?

Three mysterious new product SKUs popped up on BestBuy.com over the weekend before they were almost immediately removed. All three were listed as “iPad” products.

The launch of a new version of the iPad is seen as a question of when rather than if. Rumors have suggested Apple is planning the next round in its tablet lineup to be available in the spring.

No official details have surfaced, though.

Best Buy’s new stock-keeping units (SKUs) were listed as “APPLE IPAD SKU WIFI” and “coming soon.” Prices ranged from around $600 – $700, but other than that, there was no information listed for any of the products.

In addition to a faster processor and better display, the iPad 2 is reported to contain USB connectivity, multitasking out of the box, a much slimmer form factor, and dual digital cameras.

The question remains whether Best Buy added these SKUs because of an official behind-closed-doors word from Apple, or just as a preemptive measure for when the new iPad family is actually announced.

Either way, it’s not commenting, and we’re just left in a shroud of darkness.