Desktop monitor market hits the doldrums

Shipments of monitors for the desktop market have been hit really hard by the credit crunch.

That’s according to market research firm Meko. It has issued a report saying that shipments in EMEA fell by 15.7 percent year on year for the third quarter of 2009.

That was, however, a slight improvement on calendar quarters one and two 2009, when the year on year declines amounted to 19.9 percent and 23.6 percent respectively.

Some areas were worse than others. The Russian market saw a 42.6 percent drop year on year in Q3 2009.

Andy Barker, analyst director for desktop displays, said the fall was a combination of cuts because of recession, the move to mobile computing, delayed desktop refreshes in the commercial market and all-in-one PCs.

“There have been winners and losers on the way. We have seen the consolidation of brands, major display lead product opportunities and the chance for creative marketers to attach monitors and accessories to their sub-notebook sales,” he said.

The winners were Samsung and LG – collectively in the quarter they held 38.7 percent of the market. Acer’s share jumped to 16.5 percent.

In form factors, wide LCD displays had over 77.8 percent of the market in value terms, with most sales going through consumer channels.

Meko is here.