Best Buy’s "sold out" notice triggers Macbook rumors

You can no longer buy a Macbook Air from

While the product’s listing still appears on the leading electronic retailer’s website, instead of being able to purchase it or even place an order on backorder, is simply says it is “not available” to purchase online.

That’s the kind of notice usually reserved for products that are either too far ahead in the future that they’re not yet available for pre-order, or products that are no longer being manufactured and thus Best Buy has no plans to ever re-stock the item.

Of those two options, obviously only one would possibly be applicable.

But with no sign from Apple that it’s getting ready to retire its current Macbook Air line, where does that leave consumers? Right in the middle of the rumor mill.

As Apple Insider points out, the only likely conclusion to make is that Apple is getting ready to launch a refreshed lineup of Macbook Air products. Apple has a history of holding off on new product announcements until the product is actually ready or nearly ready to go to stores.

A new Macbook Air is expected to pack a state-of-the-art Sandy Bridge processor and a Thunderbolt port, but again, these are all just rumors.

While this all would leave one to believe that an upgraded product line is imminent, no major Apple events are on the schedule any time soon, so when and where the company would actually make such an announcement is still very much up in the air.