Aluminium vs. Vinyl Windows

Old windows are inefficient and this is one of the most striking problems for modern homeowners in Burlington. If you live in extreme temperatures then your new windows should have high thermal performance, this will be the most important fact for you.

It may also be the case that temperature in areas like Mississauga may force you to think about replacing your windows with more heat and energy efficient windows. Whatever you decide, make sure you know exactly what you want and what you are going to achieve by replacing your windows.

I will be discussing thoughts of an expert from Burlington to make a comparison on vinyl windows replacement of either aluminium or Vinyl and which one are best.

This will help you to compare various characteristics of each window’s type which will ultimately help you to decide what option is better for your situation.


Vinyl window is generally more attractive and has less utilitarian overall appearance. Vinyl windows frames are seen much more often in Mississauga houses because they are “scratch resistant” and can easily handle extreme temperatures.

It means, that they are made of solid material and even if the frame is scratched you will not see a great difference. Moreover, vinyl windows replacement companies in Mississauga offer a great variety of colors and design of vinyl windows which allows you to design your unique home.

On the other hand, if you paint aluminium frame and then by chance you chip or scratch it, then the metal will definitely show through thus spoiling all the look of the window.

On top of that, aluminium frames are much thinner as compared to the vinyl window ones which are commonly used by most of the commercial organizations in Burlington also.


As has already been discussed above, Mississauga vinyl windows companies always guaranty that their windows are resistant to any scratches or cracks indicating that they will serve you for many-many years to come.

Furthermore, they do not change their form and shape as a result of any weather conditions. Aluminium windows, at the same time, have the surface which is not resistant to anything like that, which means that you will have to repaint them pretty often.


Vinyl windows owner will not even know that such a problem may take place, but in aluminium windows the zinc or steel fasteners may react with the aluminium and then corrode. Burlington homeowners report having not so many problems with corrosion, but still the risk of it is much lower in vinyl windows type.

Thermal and Energy Efficiency

Contemporary homeowners in Burlington usually first ask about energy efficiency and compare them with the statistics shared by other companies selling vinyl windows in Mississauga. It is true that this question is extremely important.

Vinyl window usually perform much better because they are designed from the very beginning to provide you with best energy efficiency.

Aluminium windows do not offer such protection and energy efficiency. That is why homeowners when getting such windows in Mississauga have to buy special protection for their windows – with “thermal breaks” which adds extra cost to them.