Acer goes 3D with Aspire laptop refresh

3D computers haven’t taken off the way other 3D media has, but that’s not stopping computer manufacturers from taking the plunge. Acer is now stepping into that ring.

The Acer Aspire 5745DG was recently announced, bringing Nvidia’s 3D Vision technology to a fairly affordable laptop. It’ll be available in late October for $999.

This 15-inch unit also includes an Intel Core i5 processor and a GT 420M graphics system from Nvidia.

Acer also announced the AS8943G, a more high-end laptop with a high-def 18.4-inch display and Intel’s Core i7 processor with ATI’s Radeon 5850. This model is available now for $1,499.

But the more interesting story is Acer’s addition of 3D technology. Currently, Nvidia is the only name really entering the back-end solution for 3D computing. The technology requires special Nvidia 3D glasses.

There has been only scattered 3D content available so far, including online live streaming coverage of Nascar races. Game developers are also working on 3D computer games as well, though there has been no real push for that market like there has been with the PS3.

Again, 3D content is much more vast on TV media than on computers, but it’s obviously just a part of the new display technology so content will only continue to expand.