4chan Xbox One hack bogus and destructive

A hack for the Xbox One, which claims to make Xbox 360 games playable on the new system, is a prank which breaks the console.
The hack, being promoted online, is supposed to activate some code under the bonnet of the new console which allows you to play old console games. It came with a rumour that Vole did not want users to have this code.

After the hack was released Microsoft has confirmed that there is no hidden backwards compatibility on the Xbox One console, all the hack was doing was destroying the gizmo.

The hack for the Xbox One claims to use the button input sequence allows users to access the developer menu that every Xbox One machine has hidden away. However, what the six-step process actually does is lock your $400 buy into an endless reboot cycle, effectively destroying it.

Xbox One spokesman Larry Hyrb tweeted that there was no way to make your Xbox One backwards compatible and performing steps to attempt this could make your console inoperable.

As you might have guessed. the prank is thought to have originated on the 4Chan message board. It has come up with a number of hoaxes. Our favorite was one where they tricked some iPhone owners into believing that the iOS7 update would make their handset waterproof.

According to the Guardian, Twitter saw some angry fanboys posting how upset they were with this particular hoax. They assumed that Apple had finally made their phones waterproof by just changing the software. 

Here is the 4chan hoax hack. DO NOT do this! Yes, you. Don’t do it. 

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