Intel giving up on TV business

It appears that Big Content might have killed off Intel’s cunning plan to get into the TV business.

Intel had built a set top box and was all set to produce streaming television to punters homes, in a move that would help it expand out of its core market.

Lately Intel had wanted to get out of the chip making market and had invested in a rather nice fashion bag range.

But it seems that Intel was unable to get Big Content to agree to the plan.  Big Content is still trapped in the 20th century and does not want people streaming its content in case they pirate it.  They would rather lose shedloads of money to pirates who download the content from pirate sites and stream it to their set-top boxes.  In other words, people are doing what Intel wanted to do anyway, it is just Big Content is not being paid for it.

This makes Netflix once of the few companies that has ever managed it and made Big Content and itself a killing. 

Now it looks like Intel is in talks to hand over Intel Media to its partner Verizon.

The situation is being seen as another example of how Intel cannot transform itself.   After all it did attempt to make communications chips, consumer electronics, processors for TVs, serve as a web hosting backbone, a vendor of videoconferencing services and participate in other markets.

However Chipzilla tends to get bored rather quickly. The only thing that seems to be working is Intel’s moves to become a foundry for hire.

Ironically that has involved it becoming a revolutionary producer of a 14-nanometer 64 bit ARM chip

Source: TechEye