Chromecast tops the sales charts on Amazon

We were ecstatic to find out that Chromecast is the biggest seller in Amazon’s electronics store. This is because we are big fans of the device. So, no surprise to us.

We have to give major props to Quentyn Kennemer (we presume that is his real name) at Phandroid for having just the right amount of obsessive compulsive disorder to keep us in the loop on this news:

Every now and then I like to look at Amazon’s best selling products in a few different categories, and one of my obvious interests is electronics. That category seems to always be dominated by Amazon’s Kindle products, be it a Kindle Fire, a Kindle Paperwhite, or even a regular old Kindle. It’s always Kindle. But today it’s not. No, today, it’s Chromecast. 

In the meantime, the Chromecast SDK is still in preview mode which means that it is, according to Google, only for experimental purposes. However, Hulu and Netflix, to name have already integrated Chromecast into their applications (and pretty successfully judging by what I have seen in my own usage). 

It’s only a matter of time before Google Cast, the screen sharing technology behind Chromecast, becomes ubiquitous. That’s an opinion, but the devices cost $35, and the integration is being proven by Google’s first stage partners. It’s kind of a no brainer. 

We mustn’t forget that Google TV is likely to end up being Android TV, and between Google Cast, Chromecast and Android TV, Google has everything it needs to march on the displayless TV environment, too.

It is pretty cool. Yay, Google! Except for privacy. And Google Glass.