Is Amazon really selling Chromecasts for $11?

If you count the promise of a 3 month subscription to Netflix then, maybe. The buzz on Chromecast is strong. At $11 it is pointless not to buy one or put your order in right now. Somewhere, at some cable company, an executive is falling and no one is there to hear him crash.

Here is a direct screen capture of the offer:

Android Authority has one of the first pieces written on this story:

We think the new Chromecast is pretty darn amazing, and that it will give a lot of players in the industry headaches soon. My colleague Derek Ross wrote eloquently about the potential for disruption of this humble dongle here, while my colleague Chris Smith has the rundown on it here.

If you’re still not impressed with the Chromecast or if you feel it’s too expensive, think about this – the three months of free Netflix that come with the device are worth $24. The promo is open to new and current Netflix users, meaning that if you’re interested in a home video service, the Chromecast is a downright steal, at $11. That’s especially true if you buy it from a brick-and-mortar store or from an online retailer that ships it for free. Best Buy is a good example.

Hurry! Stampede for checkout!