Apple WWDC Update: new Macbook Air uses Haswell, Safari doesn’t suck as much, web developers will need to buy a new system

WWDC, Apple’s annual orgy of announcements, self-love, and fanboy mania is also home to announcements that can shift billions of dollars around stock markets, from consumers into Apple’s pockets, and from Google into Android updates.

There are a number of sources for Live Updates. The Daily Telegraph has some poise, and TechCrunch is, well, TechCrunch. That’s our two choices, but there are plenty more if you care to trawl through yourselves.

As for us, we’ll just give you the bits that we managed to retain in our memory:

  • Macbook Air is going to use Haswell, and it’s wife will be 802.11ac which is supposed to be 3x faster than 802.11n.
  • Safari is a great browser except for those of us who choose Chrome or Firefox because we don’t think it is that great. Nevertheless, it has a few updates.
  • Updates to the OS will now be named after California-like thingies so, next on the block is Maverick. It will make power users drool. They build the apps and websites so the rest of us will have to admit that Apple is cooler than Microsoft because of that fact alone.
  • The Mac Pro is pretty awesome and so is Thunderbird 2. Like we said, more power to power users. Can’t be bad.
  • Apple Maps now shows that the Eiffel Tower is upright. This is progress.