ASUS does a Windows/Android hybrid contortionist thingy

The ASUS Transformer Book Trio runs in PC and tablet mode and can switch between Android and Windows. The question is why?

The ASUS Transformer Book Trio runs the Intel Core i& Haswell process in PC dock mode AND a 2 GHz Atom chip in tablet mode. When connected to the PC dock it will have 750GB of hard drive and when in tablet mode, 64GB SSD memory. No word on pricing or availability.

It begs the question, why would you want to switch between Android and Windows on the same device because, and I have to assume this, you only want one or the other.

Also, doesn’t Microsoft have its own tablet software so, ASUS has probably managed to tick off Microsoft and Google. Intel gets two processors in there, but they need the business on the mobile side these days so, who knows, maybe they are bundling CPUs with mobile chipsets now to make their quotas.

Pictures of said worthless news bait from around the globe: