Microsoft proliferates start buttons like there’s no tomorrow

It would appear that Microsoft’s failed attempt to get rid of the start button from Windows 8 have got its designers a little peeved.

One of the reasons cited for the failure of Windows 8 to take the world by storm has been that Microsoft, for reasons known only to itself, removed the Start button from the console.

Microsoft was furious and defended its moves incredibly strongly, right up until the moment it brought it back.

Now it seems that Microsoft is going into overkill mode and is telling users: “You want start buttons we will give you start buttons, soon you will be drowning in a sea of bloody start buttons”.

The latest thing to ship from Microsoft  with a start button is a mouse.

The start button is on the left hand side of the mouse where you are fairly likely to press it by accident. In case you might miss it there is also one below the scroll wheel.

Then when the start button appears on the screen you can swear at it and Microsoft can say “well we did try to take the sodding thing out!”

In case you feel that accidently pressing the start button is not enough, the cunning designers have worked out other ways to get you really annoyed with the start button.

According to its blog, the mouse’s start button does more than just take you to the Start screen.

“If you swipe up on the blue strip, it cycles through all your open Windows Store apps in Windows 8. And if you swipe down, it will reveal all the open apps (on the left side of your screen) for you to select the one you want.” It sounds to us like there is a lot that could go wrong.