LG gets in bed with ARM

Electronics giant LG has signed with ARM to license the ARM Cortex-A50 CPU as well as the next gen of the Mali GPU.

LG was already signed up for the previous Cortex processors and Mali GPUs for its SoCs, but this new agreement should further boost performance in 32 and 64 bit applications, beyond the Mali-T678 GPU, ARM boasted.

Senior veep at LG, Bo-ik Sohn, said having access to the full profile GPU compute compared with ARM’s big.LITTLE will be a “key driver” to overall performance and capabilities.

This is ARM’s highest performing intellectual property, executive veep at ARM’s media processing division, Pete Hutton, said, and will enable LG “to expand the possibilities for end devices”.

It has been rumoured that LG will return to the tablet market, which it left two years ago. The company has managed to improve its perform in smartphones, and signing an agreement for the ARM IP could help it extend its range into tablets again.

At the moment these are just whispers but licensing the latest iterations of ARM IP show that it is at least committed to more smart devices.