Eric Schmidt says Google is a country, not a company

Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Go Ogle, was in Oxford yesterday, speaking at the Sheldonian about goodness knows what. It was probably attended by ass lickers, big time.

We couldn’t be bothered to tip up – and in similar manner, Eric Schmidt couldn’t be bothered to tip up at a Google conference this morning where UK politician socialist  champagne Ed Miliband dilated at length about how evil Google is. Miliband noted Schmidt’s absence.

Schmidt did, however, appear at a conference later on, where he said and yeah, I kid you not, he said: “Google is a country.”

He corrected that to “company” a few seconds later, in Just a Minute style.

Now we  have met Schmidt when he suddenly appeared as the boss of Novell. He’s a bit like Princess Anne. Who is she? Well, no one knows.

And no one knows who Schmidt is. But we are a bit interested that every single politician in England – David Cameroon, Nickerless Clegg and Headless Miliband – is complaining about Ogle. Get off Google’s back – it is a country, not a company! It has thermonuclear weapons called “search engines”.