HTC management gets shaken up

It is no secret that HTC is trying to reinvent itself and transform its somewhat geeky brand image. It’s off to a good start, as its flagship HTC One handset is getting very positive reviews and giving Samsung’s Galaxy S4 a run for its money, but all is not going well.

HTC’s vice president of global communications, Jason Gordon, has left the company. He announced his departure on Twitter, but did not explain how it came about. While it is true that HTC could have done a much better job at getting its message across and marketing its 2012 smartphone line-up, it was in an unfair fight. Samsung poured tons of cash into Galaxy marketing, outspending Apple, let alone HTC, so it would probably be unfair to fault Gordon for the failure.

In addition to Gordon, HTC’s chief product officer Kouji Kodera is also out the door, along with several other execs, reports The Verge. Product strategy manager Eric Lin is also gone. He even tweeted that his colleagues who are still at HTC would be better off if they quit. 

“Leave now. It’s tough to do, but you’ll be so much happier, I swear,” Lin wrote. 

It is still unclear what brought about the latest exodus. Are the departures part of a wider restructuring effort, or is HTC simply pushing a few people out, and pinning the blame for its terrible performance in recent quarters on a handful of executives? Things are looking up for HTC, for the first time in more than a year, yet it is shedding execs like there is no tomorrow.