GloFo blows whistle on staff shortage

Talk of immigration reform in the US has been halted by partisan bickering for years, and it might be about to start taking its toll on the economy, coupled with less than stellar high school education.

New York state faces a shortfall of thousands of skilled techies to sustain the growth of its tech sector and GlobalFoundries (GloFo) is starting to sound the alarm. America’s Edge held an event in Albany on Tuesday and announced that New York faces a shortage of 350,000 mid-level skilled workers by 2018. 

The organization called for education reform that would enable the US workforce to compete in a truly global marketplace. It wants to see more science, technology, engineering and math introduced at high-school and middle-school levels. America’s Edge believes that seven out of ten jobs created in New York between 2008 and 2018 will require formal education beyond high school, reports The Business Review

The challenge for tech companies is to partner with schools and hook kids on math and science while they’re young. Since tech is now cool rather than geeky, they should have no shortage of willing candidates, but on the other hand it remains unclear whether the schools themselves can deliver what is truly necessary.